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We’re looking for Memphis area businesswomen that are achieving success, creating their own future, and are role models for other businesswomen. (You don’t have to really be a millionaire. You just have to have the desire and motivation to be!)

Editorial Features
Here is a list of editorial feature ideas we have for 2005 / 2006. We will be looking for women and businesses that fit these descriptions. In some of the editorial listed, we will change the names of those interviewed for their protection.

  • Women and Money
  • Women in Leadership
  • Feminism and Shattering the Glass Ceiling
  • Women on the Web
  • Outstanding Young Women of Memphis
    Nominations Due: 12/6/05
    There are specific guidelines to nominate someone for this award
  • Great Companies & Great Bosses
  • Top 10 Women in Business
  • Child Care
  • “50 Women Who Make a Difference”
    Nominations Due: 3/15/06
    There are specific guidelines to nominate someone for this award
  • Work at Home Businesses
  • Domestic Violence
  • Self-Made Women Millionaires
  • Women’s Health
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Women and Crime
  • Car Buying for Women
  • Women Making History
  • Sexual Harassment at Work

Submission Form
Please provide us with the information requested below and we’ll add you to our collection of information on local women in business for possible editorial use in future issues of Memphis Woman.


Fill out the following information (bold fields are mandatory) and click 'Submit'.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
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Business Phone:
Is this a home-based Business?: Yes
Number of Employess:
Business/Poistion Start Date:
Zip Code of Residence:
Marital Staus:
List Children and Ages:
What do you consider yourself an expert in?:
What Obstacles have you overcome?:
What organizations do you belong to?:
What have you done that you are
most proud of in your personal life?:
What have you done that you are
most proud of in your business life?:
Is there anything else we need
to know about you?:
Do you know other dynamic businesswomen
we would be interested in?
Please list names, company names,
phone numbers and email addresses if possible.


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