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  • Nearly 3/4 (72%) of women business owners have investments in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, compared to 58% of working women.
  • 86% of women entrepreneurs say they use the same products and services at home that they do in their business, for familiarity and convenience
  • Women-owned businesses are just as financially strong and creditworthy as the average U.S. firm, with similar performance on bill payment and similar levels of credit risk.
  • Among the 50 states and Washington, DC, Tennessee ranks 19th in the number of women owned firms in 2002, 15th in employment, and 14th in sales.
  • Tennessee ranks 11th in the growth in the number of women-owned firms between 1997 and 2002, 22nd in employment growth, and 13th in sales growth among the states and Washington, DC.

Be seen by the fastest growing and most powerful group of decision makers in Memphis... Women!

Be seen by the government agencies and corporations who need to do business with you!

Year Round Exposure in 35,000 printed copies and on our web site!

From the publishers of Memphis Woman Magazine
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(These rates and sizes do not apply to contract advertisers of Memphis Woman Magazine)


Sponsorship entitles you to:

  • Premium placement
  • Full page 4-color bleed ad
  • Business exclusivity
  • One business listing with 12-word description
  • Cover Girl Position for TOP FEMALE in your company which includes brief profile with head shot on the inside
  • Link to company web site from MWYP home page For 1 full year of exposure

Only $3000

Display Ads

  • Full Page Ads
    With Bleed: 8 7/8 W x 11 3/8 H - Trimmed size: 8 3/8 W x 10 7/8 H
    Without  Bleed:7 1/2 W x 10 H
    • Black & White:  $2300
    • 4 Color:  $2640

  • 1/2 Page Ads
    Vertical Ads:  3 1/2 W x 9 1/2 H
    Horizontal Ads: 7 1/2 W x 4 3/4 H
    • Black & White: $1260
    • 4 Color:  $1450

  • 1/3 Page Ads
    Vertical Ads: 3 1/2 W x 6 1/4 H
    Horizontal Ads: 7 1/2 W x 3 1/8 H
    • Black & White: $920
    • 4 Color:  $1050

  • 1/4 Page Ads
    Vertical Ads:  3 1/2 W x 4 3/4 H
    Horizontal Ads:  7 1/2 W x 2 1/4 H
    • Black & White: $700
    • 4 Color:  $800

  • 1/6 Page Ads
    Vertical Ads:  1 5/8 W x 6 1/4 H
    Horizontal Ads: 3 1/2 W x 3 1/8 H
    • Black and White:  $525
    • 4 Color:  $600

  • 1/8 Page Ads (Business Card Size)
    Vertical Ads:  1 5/8 W x 4 3/4 H
    Horizontal Ads: 3 1/2 W x 2 1/4 H
    • Black & White:  $375
    • 4 Color:  $430
  • Business Listing Only
    Cost:  $125

All listings included on web site, within 30 days of payment, and in 35,000 printed copies of the directory.
Maximize your exposure! Display ads include one listing with 12-word business description.

Put your picture on the cover! Includes your 100 word personal profile and picture on the inside too! Year round exposure in 35,000 printed copies and on web site! Available to display advertisers only. Contact us for help with this.
Only $395

Final Display Advertising and Listing Deadline: Wednesday, May 10, 2006.
Publication Date: June, 2006
Listing will be placed on web site immediately after payment is received and as early as January, 2006.


Ad Forms:
No film or "camera-ready" art accepted. All ads must be electronic - Acrobat PDF, Quark, InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator (Mac or Windows). Must be delivered on CD or E-mailed to Both printer and screen fonts and images must be supplied. Hard-copy proof (printed or faxed) must be supplied to verify art. All ads must have a border except full pages with bleed. Bleed ads should extend at least 1/4 inch beyond the edge on all four sides. Color images must be specified as CMYK, not RGB. Pantone color values must be set to separate to CMYK values. Resolution should be 300 DPI.

Production Charges: Ad cost does not include in-house production fees. Fees start at $25. A minimum of $10 will be charged to make changes to previous ads, $10 fee for each photo scan.

Requested Position: Published rate plus 10% guaranteed only with this premium and subject to availability.

Payment Terms: All new advertisers must pay in advance of printing. Payment due upon receipt of invoice. Interest charges are added to accounts past due. If payment is not received by deadline, ad will be pulled.

Ad Agencies: A 15% discount is offered to recognized ad agencies providing electronic art. Invoices must be paid within 45 days to receive discount.

Policies: No cancellations after closing date. Advertiser is liable for cost of ad space if artwork is not received by art deadline. All advertising content and appearance is subject to approval. Memphis Woman is not responsible for errors following proof approval.

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